Our FLIM Starter kit represents a complete instrument solution specifically conceived for pursuing single-photon FLIM imaging and fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy applications.


– Minimum resolvable fluorescence lifetime 50ps
– Laser wavelengths: 405, 445, 488, 520, 635 and 850nm
– Pulse duration down to 50ps (FWHM)
– FC/PC fiber-coupled single-photon SPAD sensor with 7 cps and < 200ps jitter
– SPAD sensor spectral response from 370nm to 900nm, peak sensitivity at 450nm
– Customizable FPGA-based technology up to 25 fluorescence input channels
– Plug-n-play USB 3.0 SuperSpeed micro-B PC Interface
– Imaging and spectroscopy software included
– B2C or B2B selling options

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Our FLIM Starter Kit includes:

Fiber-coupled Picosecond-pulsed Laser Module

+ SM or MM FC/PC fiber patch cord
+ SMA coaxial cable and USB type-C cable
+ DC wallmount adapter

Single-photon SPAD Detector

+ SM or MM FC/PC fiber patch cord
+ DC wallmount adapter and USB type-c power cable
+ SMA coaxial cable and USB-type C cable

FLIM data acquisition card

+ USB 3.0 SuperSpeed micro-B cable


Imaging and spectroscopy software

+ Lifetime FLIM Studio Sofware Licence


What’s in our kit?

FLIM Data Acquisition Card

Our compact, USB-powered data acquisition card is designed for fluorescence lifetime imaging and spectroscopy measurements. It is portable and its features embody FLIM LABS expertise and mission.

  • Portable and plug-n-play
  • Customizable FPGA-based technology
  • Desktop-size-compact: 101x139x28mm
  • USB-powered
  • Light weight (only 120 g)
  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface
  • Minimum Resolvable Fluorescence Lifetime 50ps
  • Minimum time bin width 48ps
  • Timing precision (σ/√2) 300ps
  • Dead time 1.5ns
  • Minimum pixel dwell time 1µs
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Fiber-coupled Picosecond-pulsed Laser Module

Our single-mode fiber-coupled picosecond-pulsed laser modules can provide short light pulses down to 50ps with a peak power up to 150mW in various wavelengths.

  • Laser diode gain-switching technology
  • Available wavelengths:  405, 445, 488, 520, 635 and 850nm
  • Desktop-size-compact: 135×110×50 mm
  • Standalone module, no computer connection required
  • FC/PC fiber-coupled laser diode
  • B2C or B2B selling options
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Single-photon SPAD Detector

Our USB-powered fiber-coupled single-photon SPAD detector is specifically engineered for time-resolved fluorescence lifetime imaging and spectroscopy measurements. Thanks to its portable and light-weight format it allows time-tagging with no precedent.

  • Single-Photon Avalanche Diode technology
  • Portable
  • Desktop-size-compact: 100x60x30mm
  • USB-powered
  • TE-cooled sensor
  • FC/PC fiber-coupled sensor
  • B2C or B2B selling options
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FLIM Studio Software

Our FLIM Software aims at simplifying the data acquisition, reconstruction and analysis of fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy and imaging experiments. The environment provides a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools that can be used by any user. 

  • Real time imaging and fluorescence decay histogram data reconstruction
  • Real time FLIM phasor-plot analysis
  • AI-driven phasor-plot analysis techniques
  • Software API for data acquisition and reconstruction (Rust, C, C++, C#, Python, node.js, .NET)
  • MATLAB, Python, HDF5, .SVG FLIM-phasors and imaging data exporting
  • In-cloud data storage
  • Result sharing via social media, instant message, chat and email
  • Supported platforms: Windows and Linux
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Want to use another
laser source or
another sensor type?

CFD Module

Thanks to our CFD module we can assure you the compatibility of the FLIM Starter kit with your laser source and detector device.
A constant fraction discriminator (CFD) module is an electronic device that generates digital exact time stamps for input signals having changing amplitudes but a constant rise time.

  • Dimensions: 85×70×30 mm
  • Single channel dual-output module
  • Discrimination for positive and negative input signals
  • Rise time: <500 ps
  • Jitter: <15 ps
  • Max repetition rate: 140 MHz
  • Min input detectable signal: +/- 100 mV
  • Max output signal: 4V @ 50 Ohm load
  • B2C or B2B selling options
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    Titolo: FLIM Starter pack
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    For more information
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    for asking us a quote
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    We will answer you
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