FLIM LABS is an Italian startup active in the field of fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy and imaging since 2019. FLIM LABS was founded by Alessandro Rossetta, Ph.D. in Bioengineering and current CEO of the company. The project took its first steps from the ‘PRE-SEED’ European funds and it steadily grew until today, achieving important recognition from different institutions, such as the Regione Lazio BoostYourIdeas contest of 2021, Regione Emilia Romagna and SMAU 2022 technology accelerator program. 

FLIM LABS’ mission is to provide reliable and user-friendly photon-counting instrumentation able to acquire and process fluorescence lifetime data in real time. Its goal is to further develop state-of-the-art technology into an instrumentation that is practical, plug-n-play and extremely easy to use and upgrade. The company creates its products in conjunction with AI-driven data analysis, giving access to a streamlined evaluation of the results.

FLIM LABS represents one of the very few companies that develop and produce technological components specifically designed to perform experiments based on fluorescence lifetime. The company advocates for a technology that is affordable and simple: the aim is to unlock the doors of FLIM technology to a larger number of scientists and researchers willing to put in place new experiments and applications by using FLIM as a key information.


Alessandro Rossetta is CEO & founder of FLIM LABS. He earned his MSc in Biomedical Engineering in 2016 at University of California, Irvine, where he worked with  Prof. Enrico Gratton on the design of instruments capable of acquiring and processing fluorescence-lifetime signals.

After moving back to Italy, in the same year Alessandro realized that fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) instruments could be improved and further developed. Hence, he started working from scratch on a newer implementation, with the goal of creating an innovative series of tools for the detection of fluorescent light and its data analysis.

Only two years after his fresh start, at the beginning of 2018 a new generation of FLIM instruments was ready to see the light and take the first steps into the real world. 

Bearing in mind the idea of paving the way for a new way of doing FLIM, Alessandro decided that it was time to get validation for his technology and, therefore, applied for PRE-SEED European funds of Regione Lazio in 2018. He placed himself among the winners of this call, winning and granting the funding at the end of 2018. His brainchild FLIM LABS was then ready to start its engines.

Right after the official start of FLIM LABS, Alessandro enrolled in a Ph.D. course in Bioengineering at the University of Genoa, Italy, in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Technology, Italy. Under the supervision of Dr. Giuseppe Vicidomini and Prof. Alberto Diaspro, he carried out a three-year project that he successfully defended in April 2022. 

Since 2019, FLIM LABS has been a tech start-up active in the field of fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy and spectroscopy, with solid academic collaborations worldwide and consistent recognition from different institutions and competitions.





  • Winner of BoostYourIdeas contest (promoted by Regione Lazio)
  • New office branch in Savignano sul Rubicone, FC, Italy 
  • Vision SRL invests in FLIM LABS


1st FLIM LABS logo


Actual FLIM LABS logo

Registered in 2022

team & Partners

Marco Casadei, Ph.D.
Dr. Marco Casadei is a data scientist with a background in artificial intelligence and computational physics. He gained his Ph.D. in Physics from Freie Universität in Berlin and he carried out a postdoc at UCL in Brussel. He takes care of AI algorithms development and grant writing.

Gianluigi Montanari, MS
Dr. Gianluigi Montanari is a key FLIM LABS associate. With a solid background in economics and business analysis, Dr. Montanari is responsible for raising capitals and assessing company growth. He also has an active role in the definition of the business plan as well as its financial and commercial aspects.

BSA Group
BSA group is a multidisciplinary network with a long-standing experience in business consulting and venture. They effectively support and mentor FLIM LABS for a large variety of decisions, providing a complete accountant service in different aspects of the company management.

Barzanò & Zanardo
Barzanò & Zanardo is one of the main Italian and European experts in IP consultancy, with expertise in providing advice for any kind if Intellectual Property matters. Since the very beginning, they worked with FLIM LABS for the protection of creative and innovative works.