FLIM LABS offers other in-house solutions that can support the user in building a fluorescence lifetime-based, cutting-edge setup that is effective and affordable. We have developed a constant fraction discriminator module (CFD) that you can use to digitize the analog signal coming from your detector (e.g. a PMT). Furthermore, we have created a data acquisition card based on FPGA technology.

We can customize the data acquisition card according to your experimental needs. In addition to these two solutions, we are currently working on a FLIM Starter Kit which will also include a pulsed-laser module and single-photon detector modules.

Constant Fraction Discriminator Module

A constant fraction discriminator (CFD) is an electronic device that generates digital exact time stamps for input signals having changing amplitudes but a constant rise time.

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FLIM Data Acquisition Card

Our compact, USB-powered data acquisition card is designed for fluorescence lifetime imaging and spectroscopy measurements. It is portable and its features embody FLIM LABS expertise and mission.

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