Fluorescence lifetime-based technology has experienced a rapid growth during the last decade, becoming a unique tool for performing real-time, non-invasive  analysis in a large variety of scientific fields, from life-sciences to medical surgery and agrifood.

With the aim of democratizing the whole category of fluorescence lifetime calculation devices we have developed a fluorescence lifetime analysis starter-kit made up of a desktop-sized fiber-coupled picosecond-pulsed laser module and USB-powered fiber-coupled single-photon-avalanche-diode (SPAD) detector as well as a multi-channel USB-powered FLIM data acquisition and timetagger card (DAQ) that fits in the palm of a hand. 
We are also commercializing a constant fraction discriminator module (CFD) that can be used for interfacing our products with pre-existing setups and instruments such as PMTs and 2PE lasers.

Entry Level Starter Kit

Our FLIM Starter kit represents a complete instrument solution specifically conceived for pursuing single-photon FLIM imaging and fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy applications.

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FLIM Data Acquisition Card

Our compact, USB-powered data acquisition card is designed for fluorescence lifetime imaging and spectroscopy measurements. It is portable and its features embody FLIM LABS expertise and mission.

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Single-photon SPAD Detector

Our USB-powered fiber-coupled single-photon SPAD detector is specifically engineered for time-resolved fluorescence lifetime imaging and spectroscopy measurements. Thanks to its portable and light-weight format it allows time-tagging with no precedent.

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Fiber-coupled Picosecond-pulsed Laser Module

Our single-mode fiber-coupled picosecond-pulsed laser modules can provide short light pulses down to 50ps with a peak power up to 150mW in various wavelengths.

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Constant Fraction Discriminator Module

A constant fraction discriminator (CFD) is an electronic device that generates digital exact time stamps for input signals having changing amplitudes but a constant rise time.

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